Thursday, November 17, 2011

Felicity at almost 5 months. Thomas at 28 months.

  • Has rolled from her belly to her back about 5 times. And is very close to rolling back to belly. But mostly she is just happy chilling out on her back on the floor.
  • Went through a phase of really hating the bath, but we have since worked out that she just doesnt like being completely submerged suddenly. If you put her feet in, then let her sit in a sitting position for a bit THEN lay her down she copes much better.
  • still not a huge fan of the car.But nothing like the early days of constant screaming.
  • She settles herself to sleep majority of the time, except for going to bed at night. Daddy normally cuddles her to sleep at that time
  • Is sooooo incredibly smiley. She smiles at absolutely everything and i call her my smiley bug. Its harder to make her laugh tho.
  • Wearing size 00
  • At her 4 month check she weighed 6.2kg and was 60.5cms long. Pretty average on the growth charts.
  • Her thighs are so incredibly rolly. so cute.
  • Completely breastfed. We left her with a bottle (she'd had two previously when id had to go out) when we went to Amy and Neals wedding. We had to leave halfway thru because she refused to drink it.
  • Shes incredibly laid back and just watches everything going on around her. People always comment that she never cries. And she doesnt much. She really only complains if shes tired or hungry.
  • Thomas now calls her bubba or Fwicky (Flicky)
  • Bit of a mummies girl. Shes starting to cry when i leave the room or if someone she doesnt know is holding her. Her whole face lights up when she sees me and everyone comments on how much she adores me. I really do feel such love pouring from her when she stares at me. And i love her happy, excited little, arms and legs waving dances she does at 2am when i come into her room to get her for a feed.
  • Has started toilet training. This is the second time weve tried. The first time he flat out refused to sit on the potty so we gave up quickly. This time he had two completely wet days before i bought a bigger potty and bribed him to sit on it. He got some in and i made such a big deal of it that he sat straight back down and did it again. He did it 7 times in a row! Since then weve been using lollies as incentive for him to go as hes still not overly keen on sitting on it. Its been just over a week of him wearing undies and id say hes probably about a 70/30 ratio - 70% of the time he gets it in.
  • Has just moved up to the top mothers and babies class at swimming. Is getting alot better with the water, doesnt particularly like jumping on or going under but tolerates it and doesnt really cough or splutter anymore.
  • loves disney movies - finding nemo, shrek, monsters inc, dinosaur and toy story are his favourites. Big fan of the wiggles. Were taking him to his first ever wiggles concert next month. cant wait.
  • obsessed with mowing the lawn and wippersnipping.
  • Talking up a storm! Love all his little mispronunciations. They make my day
  • will start preschool at brightstars kinderrgarten one day a week in January. I just felt he'd benefit from a day with other kids and it will give me a little one on one time with Felicity
  • Loves Blake. Hes his hero
  • Has formed a new special bond with Jiras dad. Tex has been making a huge effort to see the kids and has been coming down for dinner on a sunday night every two or three weeks. Thomas adores him.He spends alot of time playing with him and often brings him little gifts.
  • Has also formed quite a bond with Aunty Merindas current boyfriend Matt. Matt is wonderful with the kids. We hope theyre together a long time !
  • Still loves music and dancing. Marry you and the lazy song by bruno mars are faves as well as thunderstruck by acdc.

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