Monday, December 19, 2011

Thomas and the Wiggles

After buying tickets in July, Thomas and i finally went to see the wiggles live yesterday. We went with Chris, Lauren Evelyn, Tamara, Blake and Ella. I thought it was great!!!!! Its not like i get to go to many concerts these days so i had a good old singalong! lol. I really thought Thomas would be jumping up and down like a crazy like he does to his wiggles dvds at home, but he didnt. He was scared to start with ( He isnt a fan of crowds or lots of noise), but a little smile crept across his face when Murray (his favourite) came out. And then the smile got bigger when he saw Wags the dog. He got up to dance for about 4 songs, ones that he knew and liked. Dr Knickerbocker was the big favourite along with Point your fingers and do the twist. Every time he turned around and saw the people behind us tho, he went all shy! Was lovely to spend some quality time alone with my baby boy :)

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