Friday, June 23, 2006

Things to do before my 30th birthday

1) Get married. My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 19 (were both 24 now), weve bought a house together, we have 2 dogs and now i think its about time i got a ring! hehe no to be honest i really dont care about the ring or having a big wedding. But i very much do want to marry him and for us to be a proper family.
2) Have some kids! Weve agreed to start trying around mid 2008 (tho we'd both like to start now but cant really afford to live off one wage at the moment....and deep down both of us are catholic at heart and want to be married first) Weve agreed on having two kids....tho i see us with 3.
3)Improve my photography skills and take a photography course. I actually manage a kids photography studio but i feel like a fraud! Everything i know has either been self taught or has been taught on the job and really doesnt help my photography outside my studio.
4) Learn more about digital scrapping and especially about designing. I love the stuff that everyone creates and would love to be able to create my own.....just a matter of finding the time and patience!
5) Have one of my layouts published in a magazine....would probably help if i actually submitted some layouts!hehe really must start doing that!
6)Get out and live a little! Im very much a loner at heart. While i have lots of friends i quite often find myself just wanting to be by myself or just hangout with Jira my boyfriend. I think this comes from having such a big family and never having any time by myself. But i adore my friends and dont want to isolate myself from them......and if i never go out anywhere ill never have any photos to scrap!
7)Go on a big holiday. Jira and I havent been on a holiday since we first got together 5 years ago. It may have to be our honeymoon but thats ok. I want to go on a cruise, or go to America, or Paris......My brother, and two of my best friends are overseas at the moment (we couldnt afford to go cos we just bought the house) and im very jealous.
8)Believe in myself more. I always doubt myself and it doesnt matter how many times other people tell me otherwise. I know its something that i have to change for myself.
9)Go to another Bon Jovi concert! Will be very upset if this doesnt happen soon!The last time (and only time) i saw them was 5 years ago and they only played a 40 minute set at a festival we had in sydney.
10)Make sure all the people i love know it. Everyday.


Bethy said...

What a great list!
And I completely get the Bon Jovi one!!

Thanks for sharing - it was fun to read!

loonyhiker said...

I really felt moved by your last item: "Make sure all the people i love know it." I attended a close friend's funeral today and feeling very sad. I hope he knows how much we loved him but I'm not sure we ever really said it to him. I am going to work harder on that myself.

heather said...

I love your list - it reminded me of some of my goals, especially from when I was younger. dh and I took 11 years to get married, I KNOW you will beat that!! Handy hint from an OLD person - get as many done as you can before the kids arrive (sorry if I've put pressure on you there :) )

heather said...

Oh, re your dancing class comment on my post : I feel I didn't do heaps of things when I was younger because my "other half" didn't want to. Now, at my age (OLD) I've decided to try and go do stuff on my own and he can sit at home if he wants! :)

Tink said...

While, it is true, when I was your age, I didn't have the same goals, it is still important to concentrate on what is important to you. I would love to see that everything on your list comes true and that you will keep us up to date on the developments.

glynis said...

Great list! I agree that I especially like the last item. Always remember what's really important!

Laura Lou said...

How different the lists are for the different decades we are all facing. I, for one, will be pulling for you to accomplish these goals.

Judyy said...

Love your list--esp. how you started out by saying "Easy"--LOL! Good luck with meeting your goals, and like the others, I especially love that last one.