Monday, June 19, 2006

famous 5 dinner party

Which famous 5 people would i invite to a dinner party?
1) Either Jon or Richie from Bon Jovi - probably Richie cos he seems like more of a party sort of guy! Absolutely LOVE Bon Jovi! Very dissapointed that their not coming down under on their latest "world" tour.
2) John Travolta - Have loved him since i first saw Grease when i was about 10 years old, and think he is a terriffic actor. I think he'd have alot of great stories to tell and he seems like such a nice guy!
3) Ian Thorpe - Such a talented swimmer - My siblings and I actually did alot of competition swimming when we were kids and actually raced at the same swimming carnivals as Ian (We have carnival programs where he holds all the records)
4)Mel Gibson - 4 pretty much the same reasons as John Travolta. My mum actually works with one of Mel Gibsons sisters!(That is my somewhat removed claim to fame)
and finally someone funny.....
5)Jimeion - funniest comedian around. hed be an absolute hoot at a dinner party!


faery-wings said...

Mel--- I had forgotten about him... shame on me! he is like the Jovi guys, he ages well. :D

heather said...

I love John Travolta too - he is a great actor and totally huggable!