Saturday, June 17, 2006


I thought id add a photo for this prompt! The photo was taken at my sisters 18th last december. From left to right - my boyfriend Jira, my cousin Hayley, Ben my second youngest brother, His girlfriend Jaime and the head up the back is our mate Paul.(im the one taking the photo........i was the only one sober enough to hold a camera!)
This party was pretty typical for me......everyone else got drunk and i volunteered to be designated driver.....Im not a big drinker but occassionally i do like to have a big night and have a few vodkas.......pretty rare tho.......did a bit too much drinking when i was about 20 so now im a little over it......especially over the hangovers that come with it!
So what does make a good party? Well for one, i wouldnt be the organiser! way too stressful - im always worrying if everyone is having a good time, if the food is alright, if everyone likes this sort of music and on and on and on (this comes down to me being an eternal worrier....see blog entry below for more details of my worries! lol).

There also wouldnt be too many people. i seem to freeze up a bit when there are too many people around that i dont know well and stop talking! But get me in a room with about 10 people i know well and you cant shut me up! ....good music is essential (if only all my friends would realise that listening to bon jovi on repeat is the only music we need! lol). I cant stand it when we go to a party and the tv is on and everyone winds up watching the footy(or something else equally boring!)....thats abot it really. good friends, good music and no responsibility!


Laura Lou said...

Thanks for reminding me what it was like to be your age. That's what I love about DSP and other online age barrier.

Tink said...

While we will occasionally have a marathon party (i.e. LOTR, Star Trek, Star Gate, etc.), I agree with your sentiment about having the tv on.

loonyhiker said...

I too am the designated driver and I'm glad that y'all think about that before you party. If my hubby has one drink he will not drive (he could lose his job) so if he is drinking, I usually don't and vice versa.