Tuesday, June 20, 2006

if i hadnt left the house today

What would happen if i hadnt left the house today?
Well today i spent the day at our support office. I spent four hours listening to the history of our company and walking around, watching other people do their jobs. Why? because its our company policy that all new employees attend an induction seminar. A very boring way to spend 4 hours and really doesnt help me do my job any better! still i have to do these things in order to keep my job! (and it finished at 2.30pm so i got a pretty big early mark which was awesome!) So if i hadnt gone, what would have been the consequences? probably not much tho i supose my boss wouldnt have been overly happy about it! The house would most definately be cleaner than it is right now! and the three loads of washing waiting in the laundry for me would have gotten done. The dogs wouldnt be sulking like they are right now because there was no one home all day to play with them and I probably would have spent most of the day scrapbooking or playing around on the net!

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Tink said...

Ahh the price for keeping a job.