Saturday, June 17, 2006

What was i like as a teenager?

What was i like as a teenager? Well it really depends on who you ask! But in my opinion i think i was pretty decent. I never really gave my parents much grief even though, being the oldest child, they were a little strict at times! I remember asking to go to a party when i was about 15 and my mum said only if she could call the boys parents first! of course i found this incredibly embarrassing and said id rather not go than her call them...mum didnt give in so i didnt go!
If you ask my mum she'd tell you that the worst thing i did as a teenager was isolate myself. My mum worried about me alot because i used to lock myself in my bedroom for hours on end. My dad died when i was 17 and i think she thought i was depressed. She did try to get me to see a counsellor but i wasnt interested because although i was incredibly sad about his death, i knew what i was feeling wasnt depression. I just really enjoyed quiet time alone with my own thoughts. and coming from a family of 5 kids, locking myself in my room was my only escape from all the noise!!!! Mum and i get on incredibly well now tho. She said to me the other day that she was so glad id come through being a moody teenager (whatever!) and turned into someone she can now be friends with........if only she could see the light at the end of the tunnel with my younger sister(18)!


Laura Lou said...

How lucky your sister is to have you WANT to help. I used to stay in my room a lot, too, but it wasn't siblings, just being a teen.

loonyhiker said...

It's nice that your mom worried about you being depressed and gave you the opportunity to see a counselor if you wanted. I see so many parents of my students deny htat their child is depressed, which makes the child feel that something is wrong with them for feeling depressed. I have had one attempt suicide 3 times this year.