Friday, July 07, 2006


I honestly dont remember reading too many fairy tales as a kid. I do remember reading ALOT, but not very often fairytales. If i asked my mum she'd probably tell a different story though!

I do remember reading the story about the boy who cried wolf....not so much for the story, but because the picture of the wolf was so scary!!!

What i do remember reading alot of as a kid was those babysitter club books! i was shocking. im pretty sure i read every book in the series, and all the spin off series and i watched the movies, and tv shows. I wanted to start my own baby sitters club (at 10 i was a little young tho!)


faery-wings said...

I was a Nancy Drew fan, and I wanted to always be searching for clues. :D

heather said...

You know I've never read a Babysitters Club book. I'm too old, they weren't around when I was young!!

loonyhiker said...

My daughters like the Babysitters Club books too. I say, if it gets you reading, its got to be a good thing!

Tink said...

My daughter had the whole collection too.