Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Independence and Inspiration

ok, im cheating a bit today. im combining todays prompt with one that i didnt get around to doing last week.

Independence and inspiration. These words both bring to mind my mum. My mum is such a great lady. She is definately my biggest inspiration.

When my dad died my mum was left with five kids aged 6 to 16 to raise by herself. 3 months later her father (my grandfather) died. She had a mortgage, car repayments, private school fees, sports fees, uniforms to buy. Extended family and friends thought us kids would have to be split up, some going to live with relatives. I started thinking about leaving school and getting a job to help out. But my mum wouldnt hear of it. She was determined that us kids would all finish school and that we would all stay together.

And we did.

My mum, was independent enough to do it all herself. She went back to work, and although her job as a radiographer paid reasonably well, she did lots of courses so she she would be more employable and be elligible for a payrise. Us kids still all played 2 sports per year. We got new uniforms when we needed them. We still had a family dinner every night. And although i know she was heartbroken about losing our dad, she was always there to support us kids, especially me as i took his death quite hard.

As time went on she found a new partner and they eventually got married last year(some of the photos are in my gallery at DSP)They bought a big house together and also own two investment properties near the beach. Pretty good for a woman who only 8 years ago was facing losing her house and children.

These are only some of the reasons i find my mum such an inspiration. Her independence and sense of family are qualities i hope i have inherited.

BTW - photo is of my my mum and little sister Michela at her 18th last december


loonyhiker said...

Wow! Your mom sounds like a hero! It's amazing that she found time for herself in all of that. I can see how she was an inspiration to you and its wonderful that you have such a great relationship with her. It's commendable of you that you recognized her hard work and sacrifices too and appreciate all that she did. Thanks for sharing.

faery-wings said...

I am echoing exactly what loony said. I can see why you wrote about your mom. What an absolute inspiration she is.

Tink said...

And I too have to echo loony. What a remarkable woman she is.

Karen said...

What a fantastic role model your Mum has been. And what a strong family unit she seems to have created. No wonder you are inspired by her.

Meg said...

What a wonderful role model to have! She sounds like an amazing woman and so strong for both her family and herself. And she's so pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

heather said...

That's a wonderful story you shared about your Mum. How amazing she was to get through those tough times.