Friday, August 18, 2006

last 10 things before bed

oh man i have such a shocking memory! i was at work most of the night....

1.Ate left over m&m's from a competition were running at work (guess how many m&m's are in the jar to win a 3 pose collection of photos - inventive arent i??? hehe)
2. Told off one very lazy staff member who im actually going to sack because shes never going to change - have to hire a new staff member first tho!
3. Took photos of 11 families - all very nice except 1 family whose kids were feral!
4. Did all my end of day paperwork (lots!)
5. Drove home from work
6. During above mentioned drive home from work, spoke on the phone (hands free!) to another studio manager about how much she hates her job and how she wants to demote herself and come to my studio as my full time photographer - not sure if she was serious or just letting off steam.
7.Arrived home to be attacked by mental (but lovable) dogs
8. Ate 2 minute noodles for dinner - i really wanted to eat left over caserole from the night before but our microwave blew up and heating it up any other way is just way too much effort after working a 12 hour shift.
9. Watched the last 20 minutes of celebrity survivor - LAME! (and i normally love survivor!)
10.Got into bed, Read a scrapbook magazine then crashed out!


heather said...

I'm tired out just reading everything you did! Oh how lucky you are to be able to have 2 minute noodles for dinner and not have to cook after a day's work.. which I am about to do.

heather said...

Also thought I'd let you know, you're in the photography final "Freeze It" at Clikchics! Congratulations!!!