Friday, September 08, 2006

bad karma

this week has bad karma.

I was upset on monday to hear that one of our aussie icons Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray whilst filming one of his shows. He leaves behind a young wife and two gorgeous kids.

And now today news has come out that Peter Brock, a legendary aussie race car driver, has been killed in a rally accident.

Both of these men were very popular here in australia and its horrible to think that they've both been killed within the space of a week.

Its not just these deaths that have upset me this week. I dont know how i had never heard the story of Eric Claptons little boy being killled by falling from the 53rd floor of his mothers apartment but i was told about it this week. And that his death inspired the song "Tears in Heaven". That song is one of my favourites and its horrible to think of the pain he must have been in when he wrote that song. Even tho it was some 15 years ago my heart went out to him.

On a not so major note everything at work has gone wrong this week as well! The girls are all bitching behind each others backs and i copped an earful at a managers meeting we had the other day. Jira has also had a drama at work and has been called in to work on the weekend - this has never happened before so im putting it down to the bad karma of the week!

On a happy note however i went to see INXS last night! i love JD! i was right in the front row! Got to touch his sweaty back and arms (was rather gross) and we got some awesome pics which ill try to post once i get a copy of them! They played alot of the old stuff and some new stuff as well which was awesome. Was definately worth the $90 to see them live - tho i have to say its one thing for a 20 something year old to be a bit dirty on stage but the older guys in the band (who are what? 40 something at least?) should really know better! it was rather gross to see them act like that.


Bonnie said...

Your post just goes to show how fragile human life is and how we should live each second as though there was no tomorrow. I hate the thought of other people being in grief and pain and that is also why I don't watch the news, it upsets me too much and I often end up in tears. I listen to it brieftly on the radio in the car every day. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog lani!

loonyhiker said...

I live in South Carolina and this week has been pretty cruddy for my hubby and me too. We noticed that it is a full moon and usually that explains the bad week. My students have acted up, which is unusual for a lot of them. My hubby has had some crazy situations in his court. Just think, next week will be better!

heather said...

The news has definitely been depressing this's made be feel quite down. I have actually avoided most of the TV shows and news about it all so I wouldn't get more upset. Glad INXS was good, I'm not sure what those old fogeys were doing on stage... but now you've got me wondering!! On the bright side - it's the weekend.. hope you have a better week at work next week :)