Saturday, September 09, 2006

chores/activities i wont do

im not really a girly girl so theres not really anything that i refuse to do - except remove mouse traps! The last couple of weeks weve had an annoying mouse problem and im sorry to say that although i love animals i am the first person to go buy mouse traps! i HATE mice with a passion - they totally disgust me. So it was Jiras job to get up early and check the mouse traps because i wouldnt even leave our bedroom until he checked for dead mice. makes me shiver just thinking about it.

There is a few jobs around the house that i leave for Jira to do because i want him to take pride in our house.Its his job to mow the lawns and do the gardening (Tho if he doesnt do the gardening this weekend im doing it because its majorly overgrown with weeds and beginning to embarrass me!) Its his job to feed the dogs and pick up their poop. He cleans the pool and takes out the garbage (i wouldnt even know what day the garbage guy comes!) Its also his job to do all the washing but in reality we probably split the washing 50-50. Oh and he cooks because he barred me from the kitchen (i kept burning and cutting myself!) im pretty lucky because although i do have to nag him a bit he does help out alot! In return i do the washing up (i so miss my dishwasher!), vacum, mop, clean the bathroom and toilet and everything else that needs cleaning or tidying in the house.

hmmmm dont think ill let him read this post considering how much longer his list is compared to mine! hehe


Bonnie said...

Giggle-i liked your last sentence! He sounds like a dream! Can I borrow him for a few chores!?
I mow the lawn here! I love it and it is good exercise! But DH only knows how to make a braai (BBQ) and a good potjie (see blog-oh i think you have already!) but otherwise I don't like him to cook, he comes up with weird combinations like once he mixed fish fingers with olives for a spagettie sauce, it was the most revolting thing I had ever tasted and we ended up chucking it all away! I don't mind cooking. Fridays is my day off though.

heather said...

ROFL Lani! Thanks for reminding about the mouse traps - that's not my job here either.. but it's worse where we live.. they are RAT traps..sorry for that visual! Sounds like you're keeping Jira nice and busy - good girl! LOL And glad he's cooking in the kitchen, sounds like you're a real danger to yourself in there! ROFL

Tink said...

Best stay out of the kitchen, LOL. I use to make Pan do the grocery shopping but he would get carried away so I've taken that one back on myself.

Laura said...

You are quite lucky that he helps you out. I got the heevie jeebies when I read about your mouse. I too so hate mice. It's funny when I was little I had hamsters but now when I see them in the store I get this horrible icky feeling. I guess I remember the time I worked in the supermarket and found one trapped in the convayer belt or the time when it ran across my arm when I was doing price changes. These things just make me shiver. Yuck. Good luck in trapping your mouse.