Monday, September 11, 2006

New creative team layouts

This is my friends little boy patrick! SOOOOOOOOO cute! Kit is Sophisticated by Tenessaa Allen at

These photos are soooooooooooooooooo old! well about a year old anyway! But my friends and i have been extremely lazy lately and ive had nothing to take photos of! so ive gone back to old ones! (probably not a bad thing!) Kit is Citruss Kiss by rachel Martin at Layout is for the sketch challenge there as well!

This is my layout for the book of me challenge im hosting at . Kit is Sophisticated by Tenessaa Allen at the same site. This photo is old as well! Think i was about 23.

1 comment:

glynis said...

I love these layouts, Lani! And just so you know, I've never been scraplifted before and would be HONORED if you wanted to lift my little flower garden :) If you do, let me know !!