Tuesday, September 12, 2006

memories of september 11

This day sticks out in my mind like a sore thumb.

I woke up that morning and turned on the tv. It was already all over the news. Every channel, no ads or anything. Just the horrific pictures. By the time i woke up both towers had been hit.

I got dressed in record time that day. I normally didnt leave for work until about 10 to 8 but by 7am i was dressed and on my way to Jiras place (we'd only been going out about a month or two at that stage). I just remember wanting to be with him.

When i got there i went straight to his room. He was still asleep - so i woke him up and asked if he'd heard the news. He hadnt so i turned on the tv to show him. The first thing he said was "so thats why mum came in this morning and told me she loved me" - Jiras mum does not show her feelings very easily so for her to say that to him it must have affected her pretty badly before she'd left for work.

I got to work late, but noone cared. Noone was doing any work. Everyone was crowded around a radio listening to the news (at the time i worked in an office and we didnt have a tv). And thats where we all stayed until about lunch time. We were just waiting for the American President to declare war. Or for our PM to declare war. i remember being so worried that i was going to witness the beginning of another world war. That was my biggest fear. Especially considering Jira and all my brothers were exactly the right age to go to war.

As the weeks went on and even to this day, the photos and video of that day upset me. All those poor innocent people that died.....and especially their families. All the kids that lost their parents. All the mothers whose unborn children would never meet their fathers. Thats what really kills me.

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Laura said...

Great job on your journaling.