Tuesday, November 07, 2006


In my family we were brought up to have nice manners, but my mum wasnt a nazi about it or anything. We had to say please and thankyou. I would never not say please or thankyou! It wouldnt even cross my mind not to say it, its just an automatic reflex inbuilt into me. When we were kids we were always told to address adults either as "aunty" or "uncle" (if they were relatives or close family friends) or Mr or Mrs whomever. I still to this day find it a little hard to call Jiras mum "Dianne" instead of "Mrs Skuthorpe". And weve been together 5 years!

When im at work i tend to call little girls "miss" whatever their name is. Not that its a respect thing, i just think its cute and it makes them smile. Funnily enough my nickname at our work meetings is "miss merrylands" - Merrylands is the suburb that my studio is located in and when we go to meetings with other studios we tend to be addressed as a studio number or location.

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carinc said...

LOL - I too have trouble addressing my MIL by her first name since I've known her since I was 15... just doesn't seem right!