Friday, November 10, 2006

thirteen things i love about Jira

sorry guys i know its a bit soppy but Jira is such a great guy and hes very sad at the moment and not at all himself. im going to use this to do a layout for him to hopefully cheer him up.

1. i love his shiny brown eyes. especially when he smiles because his true smiles light up his eyes
2. i love the two freckles he has - perfectly mirrored on either side of his mouth. they are seriously in exactly the same spot on either side, like a perfect mirror image.
3. i love that he worries about what i eat and is always telling me to take my vitamins or eat more red meat.
4. i love that he doesnt mind when im watching tv in our room and i yell for him to get me something (the remote, a drink, a magazine, whatever i feel like). anyone else would tell me to get off my fat bum and get it myself!
5. i love that he always tells me he loves me. doesnt matter whos listening.
6. i love that he loves his mum and worries about her.
7. i love that he enjoys spending time with my family and feels comfortable with ALL of them even if im not there
8. i love watching him hold Chelsey or play with little kids. He is going to make such a great dad and i cant wait for the day were ready to start having some!
9.i love that he never makes me feel bad when he gets home and the house is a pigsty because ive spent all day scrapping instead of cleaning (oops!lol)
10. I love how comfortable he makes me feel. i know i can say or do anything in front of him and he wont think less of me.
11. i love that he doesnt mind the stupid nicknames i give him (the poor boys name is Namatjira and i dont think ive ever called him that! its always Jira, Jiz, Nam, Nammy, Namma, chicken, puppy, boof, boofhead, hun, baby,babe.....i could go on...but i wont!)
12. i love that he will drive 6 hours to pick me up when im sick and then 6 hours back home.
13. I love the person he is and cant imagine my life without him!


loonyhiker said...

Ohhhhh this is so sweet! It got me teary eyed! You have a keeper!

Meg said...

I just love this! What a wonderful tribute to him! So sweet!

Bonnie said...

Lani, this will make for a fabulous lay out! What a nice guy you have!

Tink said...

A perfect list that is going on a perfect layout. Give him a big hug today.

*love2scrap* said...

well I hope this list picked him up!! don't you hate arguments. bother. ruins everything and then poof, things are better.