Saturday, February 10, 2007

what is wrong with the world???

feelin a bit disheartened today. A bit disappointed in the world. I went to have dinner with my 88 year old grandfather last night and he tells me hes been the victim of a scam thats apparently going around. A man came to his house (he still lives by himself) and told him could fix a few problems around the house (like the guttering etc). Anyway he appears to have been quite a sweet talker, telling my grandad that he worked for the company that originally did his guttering and that he'd do it cheap for him if he didnt tell his neighbours etc etc. Well my grandad had been thinking of having all these things fixed anyway so he said ok. Then the guy said it will cost $1200 which he needs to pay upfront but its ok because he'll get a receipt. well my grandad didnt have $1200 just sitting around the house so the guy "kindly" said that $500 would be ok as a start. So anyway the guy gets his money, does alot of quick talking and is out the door before my grandad can even ask for his receipt. And suprise suprise the guy never comes back to do the work. My uncle took him to the police as he thought he'd gotten part of the guys number plate, but it turned out he didnt remember it correctly. ugh. just makes me sick to think people would deliberately prey on a vulnerable elderly person like that. Now my grandfather is scared hes going to come back and try to break in or something. How do people like that sleep at night????


Katrina said...

That is awful. What a nasty thing to do to the elderly or infirm.

Paula May said...

What a horrible thing to happen. I've heard of scams like that, I just don't understand how some people can live and act that way.