Sunday, February 18, 2007

photos from the weekends photography expidition!

Kate and i decided to get off our butts this weekend and go on a photography expidition. At the time we decided to go,i was looking at photos of waterfalls on a photography site so i decided we should go find one to see what sort of photos we could get.

It is somewhat hard to find a waterfall when australia is in the middle of a drought! But after a bit of research and a bit of a bush bash we found this one called "Weeping Rock" about an hour from home near wentworth falls. It was so pretty, and i love how the photos we took turned out. These are my favourites.

Kate posing at the bottom of the waterfall

Weeping Rock (the ghost is my friend Tamara lol)

Steve in the waterfalll....i love this shot. It was a majorly spontaneous shot, no thought to composition or settings on the camera. But definately one of my favourites

Me with my beloved nikon D70 at the bottom of Weeping Rock. Photo courtesy of Kate! U did good mate! lol

and heres one i zoomed in a bit on and left in colour....

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