Thursday, November 22, 2007

and the bad news just keeps on rolling in....

so the hospital called me yesterday. And guess what? Yep more bad news.

They did some tests after my surgery the other day, and it turns out that i had a "molar" pregnancy. Never heard of it? yea well thats because its so rare that it only occurs in 1 in 2000 pregnancies. Doctor made an appointment to come back to the hospital in 2 weeks for more tests, but did say "dont worry about it, its not life threatening and it wont affect future pregnancies". Um ok.

So of course i go home and google "molar pregnancy". Turns out that (in simple terms) a molar pregnancy is basically caused by 2 sperm fertalising the one egg, but instead of twins, things just go mental and the cells just start dividing all retarded. (good english hey lol) So the baby would never have survived very long. Ok im ok with that. What im NOT ok with, is that the doctor told me not to worry and that future pregnancy wont be affected. UM HELLO! NOT TRUE! When i go back to the hospital in two weeks their testing my blood to make sure i dont have any pregnancy hormone left in my system, because if i do it means that they didnt get all of the diseased tissue out of my uterus. If any of this tissue is left it can cause cancer. yes cancer. molar pregnacy tissue is basically pre-cancerous cells that if not removed turn cancerous and can spread. Oh thats NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT?????

To the doctors credit it is very rare for it to turn cancerous. BUT so what, he should have told me. i guess hes just taking it one step at a time. From what i understand, i have the blood test in 2 weeks and if my hcg level (thats the pregnancy hormone) is 0, then great, thats the first step. I then have a blood test every 2 weeks until i have three 0 readings in a row. If that happens then theres no tissue left. Thats good. I then have monthly blood tests to make sure my levels stay at 0, because if they rise, it means the cells have grown back and thats where the cancer comes into it and i would need a small amount of chemotherapy. Apparently the cure rate with this sort of cancer is practically 100 percent, which is comforting i supose, should i end up going down that road.

So I went to my normal GP this morning, because i wanted to confirm all the stuff id read. He basically told me to calm down and stop freaking out lol. When you break it down, im not going to die, and theres every chance that ill still be able to go on and have normal healthy kids. Its just basically going to mean alot of blood tests, ultrasounds and pelvic exams every month or fortnight to make sure all the diseased tissue is gone and stays gone. They will very closely monitor all my levels and everything for about a year. Which means we wont be able to try again in that time, but after a year we should be given the all clear to try again. Theres only a 1 percent chance that it will happen again, and seriously, ive had such a run of bad luck that i really dont think the universe could be that cruel to me. lol. Any future pregnancies will be classed as high risk and ill monitored really closesly from beginning to end.

So anyway, we'll know exactly what the hospital are going to do when we go back in two weeks. Exactly what they have planned for me. But at least after doing some research and talking with the GP we will be a bit prepared.

Sucks that we wont be able to try again for so long, but its a small price to pay compared to what some people have to go thru, and if it means that they can give me the all clear from getting cancer then im happy to wait.

anway i took the day off work today. Tomorrow is my normal friday off anyway and im just not in the right headspace to be at work. Jira is off too, well hes sitting next to me on his laptop, working from home. So im going to spend the rest of the day cleaning, and then im going to do some scrapping or designing. Were borrowing my aunty's caravan for the weekend, so tomorrow we'll head off to the beach! hopefully it will be sunny!

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