Friday, November 23, 2007

this is getting ridiculous

guess who ended up in the emergency room at the hospital last night? haha bet that wasnt a hard question. Apparently i now have an infection from the surgery i had the other day. Talented arent i??? lol. seriously i have to laugh, its just so ridiculous how much bad luck ive had in the last week. So i was sent home with a massive dose of antibiotics and strict instructions to get my ass back to emergency if it gets any worse. sigh.

So we cancelled our plans to go away for the weekend. Dont think its such a great idea to be so far from a hospital. Plus the weather is pretty crappy. So i swear im going to clean the house after i finish this post and then im definately gonna scrap something. i havent done a page in like 2 months. so hopefully ill update this post with a layout, or a freebie or something!

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