Monday, November 26, 2007

wanna see some seriously terrible dork dancing?

This made me actually laugh out loud yesterday. I had to share. We all know i love Bon Jovi, but i swear Jon should stick to singing. He's gotta be the most unco, white boy dancer (and i use the term dancer loosely) ive ever seen. You have to fast forward thru the intro bit but start watching again once the band comes on stage.

Went back to work today. Wasnt even nearly as bad as i had thought it would be. Might have just been me....maybe the extra few days to get my head around things helped. Havent felt too well the last few days. Hoping its a reaction to the antibiotics im on, or a cold and not anything more dramatic... only have one more day of antibiotics so hopefully will feel better when im drug free!

So theres a bunch of stuff going on at DSO -Did i even mention that im back there now after having a few months off while i was sick? well i am.

Bunny has a cool new e-book for anyone thinking about taking the plunge into designing. Think its on sale too!

There are some gorgeous new holiday kits out, and bunny kindly put em all in one place for you!

Andrea has a cool new kit called "Tickle" and Kimberly has a new kit called snofolks

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Kristine said...

Yep....the man is sexier than all hell, can sing with the best of them, has an ass that can crack walnuts...but his dancing is hideous!!!! made my night girl!!!!