Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 in review

The year that was... I plan to scrap this later...

Nov 07 i had a miscarriage, was hospitalised for a d&c, and was later diagnosed with a molar pregnancy which carries the threat of cancer and generally means a one year wait to ttc again. So needless to say, 2007 ended pretty badly for me.

But 2008, started off in a big way.

January brought lots of tests on my hcg levels, to ensure all the molar cells were out of my body and werent regrowing. My results each week got better and better.

In late January, Bon Jovi toured Australia for the first time in like forever! I saw two sydney shows, was 5th row centre for one of them, and flew to Melbourne for the first time ever, to see them there as well.

The week after Bon Jovi, my boyfriend of seven years proposed to me! said yes of course!

Early Feb, my hcg levels got down to zero, by themselves, with no need for chemo. Big acomplishment! My ttc wait was revised to 6 months.

Jira and i decided to get Married in September and to put off ttc until after we got married.

In march we had our engagement party

Early april - had our easter celebrations with family - didnt deal too well with it, as approaching my due date. Realise (again) why i love Jira so much. Hes so supportive and just "gets me". He knows me better than anyone

May - due date comes and goes. Finally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that i can move on and look to the future.

June/July - frantic wedding planning! seriously planning a wedding is something i never want to do again - especially when u only have 6 months to do it in!

Got married in September, and went overseas (Vanuatu) for the first time (for both of us).

My lil brother got married in October. Unknown to me, i was 3 weeks pregnant at his wedding!

November - Found out we were expecting! Began the nervous wait for our first scan to rule out another molar preg.

Early Dec - First scan at 8 weeks reveals a healthy lil bub that looks more like a blob with arm and leg buds but most importantly, has a strong heartbeat.

Christmas Day - Am nearly 12 weeks pregnant, so decide to finally tell all our family. Makes for a very happy christmas day

Late Dec - morning sickness eases up, much to my relief! Go for my 12 week nuchal scan, and after some initial worry, am told baby is healthy as can be and has low risk of chromosome abnormalities!

Overall, whilst there was some really bad times this year, especially at the beginning, the year was one of the best of my life. So much happened. So much that im thankful for. I really hope that 2009 will continue on with what 2008 started!


Kristine said...

Oh Lani! I am so happy the baby is ok!!!! Thats wonderful news!!!

2!!!!! BonJovi concerts? Lucky cow!!!! LMAO

Sherrie said...

Congratulations! :-)

Shawna said...

What a Beautiful post from a strong strong woman. What a beautiful year for you! CONGRATS on your marriage and your baby! wishing you lots of peace and health and happiness in 2009!