Thursday, January 01, 2009

results are in!

and their good! my blood tests lowered the risk of downs or a chromosome abnormality to 1 in 1900. ya hoo! My mum went and picked up my results for me and rang me at work to tell me. I burst into tears in the middle of my office, i was so relieved. (and they werent pretty tears either. they were those ugly heaving sob type tears. extremely unattractive. My whole office was just staring as none of them even know im pregnant. Noone asked tho)

So now i feel like i can finally enjoy this a lil bit!

Oh and happy new year people! We spent last night hanging out with my siblings + their other halfs, plus one of my best friends. Had a pretty quiet nite - swimming, bbq and a mammoth game of trival pursuit! I made it to midnight, even tho i had a mild case of morning sickness and was pretty tired. Left about 2 mins after midnite! lol

New years resolution...
Get fitter before baby is born - want to make labour and recovery as easy as possible on myself. (and i did go to the gym for half hour today! - ate maccas for dinner tho..)

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