Sunday, January 04, 2009

aww look how big my lil lizard fetus got!

These ultrasound pics were taken at 8weeks + 1 day (so at the beginning of December). I think the top one looks like a lizard. Apparently ultrasounds dont scan so good (does create some seriously funky colours tho!) and its not all that easy to take a decent photo of em either, so just excuse the crappy quality.
and this one was taken 4 weeks later. End of December at 12+1day.
sleepy lil bub, didnt move too much. Stubborn lil thing took ages to roll over so the sonographer could get the measurements she wanted. Took much pressing on it and in the end i had to roll onto my side to make it move. How cute are its lil feet crossed over. I think the sonographer tried to look for a hint of boy/girl bits but bubba had his/her legs crossed like this the whole time. Cant believe the change in 4 weeks!

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