Friday, August 14, 2009

Thomas at just over 1 month

Looking like hes going to have blue eyes

Makes the cutest little sighing noise after he sneezes....He used to do it every single time he sneezed, though he seems to be outgrowing it now....i wish i could get it on video.

Is beginning to recognise me (i think!). If hes crying in his bed, now when i go in and say hello to him, he stops. Whereas before, it was like noone was home.

Sleeps swaddled in his miracle wraps. Normally has his last feed about 11pm, then 3-4am then 6-7am.

Getting stronger with his head every day.

Loves being rocked in the rocking chair or his rocker.

Is settled almost instantly by constant noise...white noise on the radio and the hairdryer especially.

Hates being put into his car seat, but normally likes it once were moving

Hates having his nappy changed!

Does not like waiting for food! If you take him off to burp him before hes had his fill, he will scream bloody murder! Same if you take too long to start a feed once he decides hes hungy.

As long as hes been fed, he normally likes his bath and will stretch right out in the water. Hes almost too big for his baby bath (its not a very big bath tho). Bathed him in the big bath we me today. He loved it!

Not a photo fan....ive tried to do numerous newborn shoots and have given up.

At 4 weeks he weighed 4.2kilos.

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