Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thomas at 9.5months

Weighs 9 kilos. Ridiculously hard to work out his exact length as he is so wiggly, but i estimate it to be around 68cm.

Has been army crawling for almost two months. He does push himself up onto his hands and knees to sit up, or to climb over something, but doesnt ever crawl that way. He will always go back down onto his tummy to move around. And he is quick!

He is becoming such a little boy. He crawls around with a car in one hand, pushing it along the floor. Often he blows rasberries as he does it (trying to mimic a car noise maybe???)

Is eating lots of solids now. He loves almost all vegetables, but is not a fan of fruit, apart from bananas, watermelon and rock melon. He isnt a huge meat fan, but loves to feed himself bbq chicken. He likes porridge with sultanas or weetbix for breakfast. He likes to feed himself toast with vegemite.

He loves his water cup. Like ridiculously so. He gets all excited when he sees it.

He loves to go out. He gets all excited whenever we go to the front door.

He LOVES Khodi. He often sits at the backdoor for long periods of time, just watching her. If we go outside, he loves to pat her and laughs if she licks him.

He LOVES Blake (and older kids in general). We go visit Tamara at least once a week, and thomas just crawls around after Blake like his shadow. Blake is often seen beckoning thomas to "come" with him, though he doesnt always like sharing his toys with him. The 18 month age gap between the two of them is seeming smaller by the day.

Has just started taking steps when you hold his hands. Has gone from not moving his feet at all, to practically trying to run in the past two weeks.

He can pull himself up, if the object is lowish. He is beginning to try to pull himself up on the lounge, but as its cold now, and he normally has socks on, he isnt too successful on the slipperly wooden floors.

Still loves bathtime. If Daddy is home, its Daddy's job to bath him. Its their bonding time.

Still breastfed. Will be weaning him onto cows milk in a cup when he turns one.

Doesnt sleep very well. For months now, he has woken up regularly during the night, and has started wanting milk at midnight as well as 3-4am. We think it is partly to do with the heat of summer, as now that were into autumn, he is a little better. His teeth also seem to be a factor, as he normally sleeps better once he cuts a tooth.

We still wrap him to go to sleep, though it is only because it is his cue for sleep, and it seems to have become a security blanket

He has 4 teeth, the bottom two came through at 7 and 7.5months. The top two cut through just the other day, within two days of each other.

This week he was offered a position with a modelling agency, though we arent sure yet wether we will be accepting.

Quite likes having his photo taken now, which is a good thing, as we do alot of photos.

Will be starting playgroup on monday, and i am considering enrolling him in gymbaroo over the winter, when we wont have much to do.

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