Thursday, June 24, 2010

Never discuss politics or religion...

so, i wont discuss religion.

But for once, i actually do feel like i should discuss politics. Very briefly. Then that dirty word will probably never appear on my blog again.

So, Australia had its first ever female prime minister sworn in today. And then i had the displeasure of watching a full grown man (the ex prime minister K Rudd) cry on national tv. I actually felt really sorry for him.

In my mind, the only reason they turfed K Rudd out was because people didnt like him personally. Julia Gillard is supposedly, more likable. Their policies are all the same, so its really just a popularity contest.

Really, tho, i dont care who their front man... sorry, front WOMAN is, because they'll probably only be in power for a few more months anyway. Once an election is called, i think its highly like that Tony Abbott will win and Liberal will be back on top. I think Julia Gillards run as prime minister is going to be one of the shortest on record....

Eh, politics. They're all the same anyway.

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